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A Touch of Madness
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Friday, February 12th, 2010

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Buzz Off!
Having read the news and detailed analysis by friends, I have concluded that Google Buzz was implemented in a recklessly unsafe manner by Google. There is currently absolutely no way to opt-out. The "turn off buzz" link at the bottom of gmail only turns off the buzz widget in gmail. I have since unfollowed everyone on Buzz and am summarily blocking anyone who attempts to follow me and I suggest you do the same. C|net has instructions here.

Edit: Deleting your public profile now pulls you out of the system. Note: You were added to their system automatically, even if you clicked "Nah".

Current Mood: annoyed

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O Gods of the Internet, Help Me
So, rosinavs saw this fantastically awesome wedding cake with swirls and flowers laid onto the icing in a dot matrixy outliney way. And, of course, we can't find the wedding magazine with the pictures. Can you help me, O Internets!?

Current Mood: amused

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