May 17th, 2010


A quiet morning alone

I don't need as much "me-time" as rosinavs, but I do need some from time to time. She and her best friend and our roommate are at the Chiropractor's. Her sister is out with cousins, which means I have a quiet morning all to myself alone.

A quick look says I haven't updated this journal since April, and a couple of things have changed since then. rosinavs and I got married. That was a big to-do, let me tell you. We had somewhere on the order of 200 guests for the ceremony, packing in the chairs we had rented. I think we used the available space pretty well, winding the procession through the patio stairs down from the balcony, running the buffet line through the Great Room (and thus keeping most of the food cleanup indoors next to the kitchen), using our beautiful woods for the backdrop of the ceremony, placing the tent village nearest to the houses of the people who ended up staying up the latest. The food was utterly fantastic. I know it sounds cheap to tell people that you're having a potluck, but we had so much more variety (and higher quality) of food.

It was so gratifying to have all of you there. It made the day so special.
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Resume Updating

A company called last week looking to get someone to do some corporate helpdesk/support tutorial/videography for them and wanted to know which textbooks I had recorded video for. This is something of a complex question, since A) I was never directly told which books were which, B) they lacked front pages and copyright notices at the time I was working on them, C) I probably signed a NDA at some point, D) I forgot to keep copies of the work I did, and E) at least one agent was told by the end client to not even tell me who I was working for (an action I do understand since I do have access to all the answers for their final exams). I've been able to find several books I probably worked on and at least one I definitely worked on, so how do you, Oh LJ hive-mind, suggest I reference them in my resume?
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