August 21st, 2011


Dream Theater

Last Night, I had a dream:

I was in a prison. My bunkmate looked an awful lot like Peter Stormare. I say "bunkmate" because the prison was more like a shipyard - we were not necessarily allowed to sleep indoors, but there were wooden carts laden with stuff that we could slip our mattresses under when it snowed. Bunkie was showing me around, introducing me to the prison culture and power structure. At one point he showed me a mafia boss that was in the prison that was being "tortured" by the guards - it appeared as though they had shoved needles in his throat (not sure how this was supposed to make him talk), but Bunkie pointed out the length of the needles - they had not actually been inserted into his skin at all!

I was a plant for the FBI, trying to figure out where the prison corruption lay so that we could root it out and start getting real information from the mafia boss. I had secreted some shivs around my bunk to help defend myself and was composing a secret message to tell my superiors what I had figured out when it started raining and I woke up.
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    Battle Symphony - Ludwig van Beethoven