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Go out and Vote

I'm a big fan of voting. I like how I get to vote for the man I want to win today, and I get to vote for even greater change in November (though I'd prefer that every vote "counted" more). I like that Wellesley has high voter turnout. In 2004, I voted at 5:00 PM; 86% of my precinct had voted, and the line was out the door. I'm sad about moving away, but I'm excited about moving to a smaller town where my vote will hold more sway.

I was surprised that there was one lone Obama supporter out there this morning. Maybe they were dropping off their kids at school or maybe the rain shied them away, but Wellesley leans pretty far to the right for suburbia and is filled with soccer moms, so I was really expecting supporters out there for Clinton, McCain, and Romney.

Edit: Oh, and I am terribly amused that the Working Families Party (who seem to be pragmatic leftists if not quite socialists) have a primary in Massachusetts and the Libertarian Party doesn't.
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