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Wow, I've been busy

I've spent several fun days, nights, and weekends with my girlfriend that I felt the need to post. Been so busy doing them, though, so it's been hard to find time to put it all together. Highlights from the past month of dating:

•We watched The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. About ten minutes in, she turns to me and asks, "Your inner 12 year old is in total bliss right now, isn't it?" She understands me.

•We went to a pub sing at the Skellig on Moody with outlander. We were sufficiently cute that outlander got up from the table in disgust and went to go flirt with some guys at another table toward the end of the night.

•For months, I had been developing a seekrit move to dance while dancing Rostiboli Gioioso with rosinavs. She was most pleased when we finally got to dance it together at Black Rose Ball.

rosinavs bribed the band at Black Rose to hold the note for the "embrace" during Madam Socilia's Alman. The band is always bribed. Some want it to linger on, some want it to end at normal speed. I imagine some want it to not happen at all, though that might confuse the dancers.

•She came with me on the four-inches-of-mud site tour and I got to show her the inside of my new house.

•She called me up out of the blue on Tuesday and we had a nice quiet homemade lunch in her kitchen.

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