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World's Largest Dungeon, Part X

Yesterday, the intrepid explorers

Lenny, the Human Paladin (londo)
Fedra, the Human Barbaranger (juldea)
Airc, the Half-Orc Ranger (pacingincircles)
Oryx, the Human Cleric of Some Magicky God (thatjoe)
Kelvin, Human Cleric of Fharlanghn(ddrpolaris)
Black Bart, the Half-Orc Fighterparagon (dirkcjelli)
Luca, the Half-Elven Bard (nightskyre)
Sam, the Halfling Bardrogue (kestrel404)
Einkill, the Dwarven Wizard (jediseth)
Gaffney, Halfling Paladin, and his trusted steed Waldo (etherial)

sauntered through the medulla oblongata of the World's Largest Dungeon under the cruel will of Dungeonmaster shogunhb. We faced bats, traps, more traps, bugbears, and a few more traps. A good time was had by all. Also, there were traps.

A few things should be noted here: 1) Unfortunatley, I got kinda lazy and did not provide write-ups for sessions Sette through Nove. Of course, no one died during those sessions, so I have no pity on the party if someone dies because I created this writeup. It should help me get enough XP to reach Level 6 next session, though. Highlights include:

•Meeting Sam, the Halfling Rogue (kestrel404), Robin's daughter by a Priestess of Vecna, come to bring her father home for supper.
•Learning about, Finding, and Defeating Wormtail, the Wererat whose Gate to a stunningly evil realm was responsible for all the Dire, Fiendish, and Fiendish Direthings in the first section of the Dungeon
•Discovering that, like Super Mario Bros., different sections of the Dungeon are almost completely different. We made it through Fiendish Direland and have gotten into Trapland. I'm looking forward to finding Brunchland.
•Fedra, while attempting to rescue him from drowning, critted Black Bart in the chest with a Warhammer, nearly killing him. The two have been making rabid monkey love ever since.

2) The list of adventurers is ever-changing. As people join the party, they get added just above Gaffney. As people die, they get removed from the list. Lenny is at the top of the list because he's leader; Gaffney is at the bottom of the list because he has Waldo. The only other character still around from the first two sessions is Fedra.

Exploring the dungeon this session, a group of shrieking bat-head-things managed to paralyze a few of us with fear, despite the reassuring ease of the paladins of the group. They swooped down to try and infect us with their bitey thing, but having only bitey-thinged Fedra, they were all dispatched. Their other victims, however, lay on the floor, slowly turning into shrieking bat-head-things themselves and otherwise rotting away. Several of us offered to perform the mercy killing, but eventually someone just up and did it.

We faced off against a series of trapped rooms. And by "we", I mean "Sam". First, there was a room covered in glyphs of warding, spell formulas, and creeper vines. The room was cleverly designed to hide the spell formulas with the creeper vines, causing one to brush them aside and accidentally set off the glyphs of warding. The creeper vines were under a rapid growth spell, and would quickly grow back to ensnare the next adventurer. Most of the spells needed to create the room were on the room walls, but one or two useful ones were missing.

Next was a room with racks and racks of wands, positively dripping with magic. Sam did not do so well in this room and was struck dumb my magic. And by "dumb", I mean "stupid". She was cursed with an enfeebled mind that we should be able to cure next level, if any of us are smart enough to think that far ahead.

Last of the interesting trap rooms was The Masher. Black Bart and Sam managed to both get themselves trapped in this one. A set of large double doors led into the room, but the doors were then quickly covered with spiked walls, and the two sets of spiked walls slowly drove towards each other.

While Black Bart Raged and tried to hammer enough spikes out of the way so as to merely get crushed rather than crushed and skewered, and Sam desperately drove pitons into the floor to try and halt the other advancing wall, the remaining party members did what they could to beat down the double doors.

Just as the southern wall ground into the pitons and loomed ominously over the remaining five feet of living space between spikes, the remaining adventurers burst through the double doors (thanks to a kill-steal by Luca) and were able to wreak enough havoc in the Mashinery that it died. There was a smallish door that led into a chamber wherein a group of Elven Adventurers had gotten themselves trapped by The Masher, and slowly suffocated in the bad air. They had a pile of interesting loot, including a magic backpack of unknown properties.

As we left The Masher behind us, we heard and then saw a party of Bugbears approaching. Black Bart and Gaffney rode off to meet them. Gaffney gave them felicitations, which they responded to with an offer to eat off the party's weaker members. Not feeling that the party had any weak members, Gaffney declined. The Bugbear Chief then offered a contest of single combat, which Black Bart promptly accepted, chopping the Bugbear Chief in half in a single blow, and then quartering him before he hit the floor.

We grabbed the Chieftain's head and tossed it at the group of Bugbears who were trying to ambush our rear. We decided to rest for the night as certain party members got their nookie run. In a fit of serendipity, we constructed a battering ram out of some broken pieces of Mashinery. This came in quite handy when we encountered a Bugbear Fortification.

Now the Bugbears are not what you might call "mortal enemies" of the party, except in the fact that they keep attacking and keep dying. Whether it's superior numbers, superior tactics, or superior skill, the party has had not too much difficulty dispatching the roving bands of Bugbears met so far. Anyway, they were blocking our path and were inevitably already launching an ambush, so we had little choice but to slaughter them all.

Black Bart and Fedra grabbed the battering ram and beat down the door to the Bugbear Forward Position. On their last swing, they shattered the door so thoroughly that they lost grip of the battering ram and it crushed the chest cavity of a wayward Bugbear.

While Bart and Lenny charged into the room and defeated the Bugbears there, and Sam bombarded the Bugbears in the barricade, Gaffney charged the group of ambushing Bugbears and, having heard his yelps, Fedra, Kelvin, and Luca quickly joined him. Now, splitting the party to attack a force that has superior numbers isn't always the smartest tactic, but given that we were outnumbered 2-to-1, we had to keep all of the Bugbear groups occupied, and we had lucked into placing our Level 5 characters effectively.

Bloodied and burnt by both blaze and bleach, the Bugbears of the barricade bypassed Black Bart, blitzing their barrage bratward. Gaffney found himself surrounded by Bugbears, but Fedra Raged and waded in before they became too much to handle. Black Bart volunteered to dismember the corpses, which was kind of icky, but might help deter the Bugbears from attacking us.

Lessons learned include:
•The best way through any trap is to be immune to its effects
•Even while stupid, Sam is much smarter than a Paladin
•Don't mess with Black Bart
•Always use all of your Create Waters, even if it's just so you can wash the Dungeon off.
•If it looks like a bag of holding, talks like a bag of holding, and smells like a bag of holding, you won't be able to figure out what it does if it doesn't act like a bag of holding
•Anything we can do to keep from killing is a good thing, unless it involves creating more monsters
and lastly

•Ambushes only work if they're not expecting it

World's Largest Dungeon


85 out of 840 pages completed. At the current rate, it will take 21 years to complete the Dungeon. 12 years if we throw out the first session as an outlier.
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