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Alumni Weekend

Time came for the annual WPI Glee Club Alumni Weekend, and it was a good time. Friday was spent relaxing and doing kumihimo. Saturday was rehearsal, chatting with Alums, most favoritely Greg Case ('05), who I hadn't seen all week, and Bob Bowser ('77), who I've only seen at reunions. We then headed down to Founders, where, in its continued fit to pave over one concept, abandon it for a few years, and then bring it back again in a whole new way, WPI has plowed over Founders Commons and installed a pub. With wine by the glass and bottle and beer on tap. The food was good, if scatter shot in its consistency (two examples: my fajitas came with twice as much food as the steak tips and were $2 less, AND some but not all orders of the stuffed potato skins came with nacho cheese). We reminisced about the good old days, gigs at other schools, tours of foreign countries, and drunken hijinks.

I then staggered uphill to the SFS Coffee House to read and sober up. I tried reading The Saliva Tree, which was written in the "This takes place in the 1900s and so everything is long and drawn out and has homosexual undertones but no actual romance of any kind" style. I won a "prize", which I will be sharing (or perhaps burning) with my girlfriend when she gets back from Æthelmearc. I also stopped at Barnes & Noble, where I have been stockpiling a stupid amount of store credit, wherein I bought America: The Book (Teacher's Edition), Minutes to Midnight, and a present for rosinavs.

Today, of course, was the concert, and damn does Alden Voices have a good soprano soloist. Holy crap, she is amazing. Also, I seem to remember some guys singing, and that was cool, considering that was the whole point I went.

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