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Six Flags Roundup

Pros and Cons for the summer:
~Price of a Season Pass did not go up.
~Season Passholders still get an extra free pass in April.
-Season Pass Coupons are fewer in number and more restrictive.
-Parking Season Passes went up in price by a whole visit.
+++Parking Season Passes are now by cardholder, rather than by car. They are no longer useless.

-DC Heroes Stadium was knocked down. No more Supervillain Spectacular.
-The new Dark Knight ride will not be built.
+The partially complete Dark Knight ride is probably still more interesting to look at than the DC Heroes Stadium.
-The walkway behind DC Heroes Stadium is blocked off, so it is now very hard to get from Superman to Mind Eraser/Batman.
-You have to walk farther to get between the big coasters.
+You no longer have to walk through Wiggles World to get between the big coasters.
-Superman: Ride of Steel is now isolated.
++Superman: Ride of Steel is now isolated.
~My backpack is still totally awesome for amusement parks.
-You are no longer allowed to bring backpacks onto the big coasters.
-You must buy an all-day locker near the park gate or a one-time locker near a big coaster to stow your stuff.
+++One-time lockers are only a dollar and can hold all your stuff during any reasonable trip to the big coasters.
-They took down the Rodeo.
+They were planning on taking down the Catapult.
-They did not take down the Catapult.

+++There is now a Johnny Rockets in the park next to Superman.
-Johnny Rockets is now isolated.
+Johnny Rockets is now isolated.
-They do not have chocolate peanut butter shakes.
++There are now 2 Coldstone Creameries in the park.
-The new one has a limited menu.
-Souvenir Cups went up in price.
+Souvenir Cups come with free all-day refills on day of purchase
[The above two items directly canceled each other out this visit. -- Ed.]
+The Souvenir Cup system can be gamed on subsequent visit with larger groups.

-Half of the people I went with last year are pregnant or married to someone who is.
+I now have a girlfriend willing to go.

Conclusions: Tough call. Season Pass was worth its weight in gold last summer. The summer before, I kinda broke even on it. I invested more this year [bought the parking pass], so I hope it turns out worth it.

Pros and Cons for the day:
+Woke up well-rested
~Dunkin' Donuts Milky Way Hot Chocolate isn't any better than than their regular.
-The weather east of Worcester was gray and icky.
+++The weather west of Worcester was utterly fabulous.
-We got mildly sunburned.
+But really only mildly.
+Got to the park before it opened for the first time ever.
-Getting to the park before it opens involves being ignored by the regular ticket counter.
-Gas Stations also put holds on credit card purchases, so I had to use a different card to buy my Season Pass.
-Getting to the park before it opens also involves being subjected to a silly dance starring Bugs Bunny and being tormented by park staff.
+They accidentally gave me an extra April Free Pass.

+The second row of the first car of Superman: Ride of Steel is still the shortest line in the whole coaster.
+Shorts with zippered pockets are still the best for stowing glasses during rides.
+Watching someone else's cell phone fall out of a roller coaster going 75 miles an hour and exploding onto the pavement is pretty cool.
+Returning it to the Superman Photo booth is also a lot of fun.

+The park was practically deserted.
+No, I mean it, the park was deserted.
+++++We went on Superman five times. We would have gone on more, but they closed the park on us.
++We went on Batman four times.

-The longest lines in the park were for Coldstone Creamery and Pandemonium
++But still were only like 15 minutes.
+I've finally had a non-mint flavor from Coldstone Creamery
~It wasn't very minty.
-I lost Victoria's hat.
+This forced us to go on more rides looking for it.
+Flashback does not kill your brain if you go with less heat stroke.
+Watching oil boil on a hunk of fried dough is cool.

Conclusions: Totally awesome. Still feeling a bit of sticker shock, but I'm hoping the season passes will pay for themselves in subsequent visits.

PS - They gave me an extra Free Pass. Anyone who wants to go this week/weekend, let me know.

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