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Arm yourself, because no one else here will save you

A little over a month ago, I hit upon an idea of having a themed party relating to the upcoming release of Quantum of Solace. Now, one of the frustrations of life is that sometimes what we think is a good idea isn't, and what we have enthusiasm for one day may be unable to hold our interest the next. The other side of the coin is that some of the things discussed require a degree of advanced set up, which requires commitment of both time and money before engaging.

It is in that vein that I compiled the set of questions I wanted answered over at survey monkey, and began preliminary assemblage of a web page to keep track of finalized details. I want to know what degree of complexity is actually desired, and what degree of prep work is necessary. Having given everyone a month to completely forget about the idea, I would direct you to my web page, which will be updated as I know more about the event and contains a link to the survey. Please fill out the survey and, if concluding that this really is a cool idea, please forward the link and the text of this post to other parties you feel would be interested.

- Ballyhoo Industries, Immersive Entertainment Division

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