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Adventures in Carpooling

As noted earlier, my sweetheart and I went to Six Flags on Thursday. We had quite the time; Superman: Ride of Death had exclusive ride time for Season Pass holders in the morning, and we couldn't have ridden on it more if we ran (faster) back to the gate after riding. We spent a few hours in the water park, which was cool, but would have been a lot more fun if more rides had been open; notably the Tornado (giant water raft funnel ride) was closed, but the Typhoon (river raft coaster-like ride) was open for once. We finished up with a trip to Coldstone, some games, and a (gastrointestinal thrill) spin on the Tomahawk. We sped East to play Power Grid at Chez Townsend, where I got overly competetive in the last turn (but at least everyone agreed I'd have had a lock if another turn had occurred).

Friday was ddrpolaris' pizza party, which was good fun, but we had to cut our stay short in order to make Sommer Draw, the SCA event we had planned to attend out in Greenfield. I helped run Countess Svava's Whim Tourney, learned how to throw axes, and generally just had a good time hanging out. Still, the drive was pretty taxing and we headed home after Court, stopping for dinner at Ginger Court in Acton. I was generally exhausted and went to bed around ten...

Which still didn't give me enough time to sleep and get to my Camelot meeting on time, but I managed. Decisions were made, events were scheduled, it was business (heh) as usual, which is a good thing. After that was D&D, more on that later ('cause I'm an XP whore).

In the job front, progress is being made. I've had one interview, am busy scheduling another, and there's an open house at Cognex on Tuesday. The one interview has requested "references". Anyone out there who could string together a few good words about me, especially as a "technical reference" would be greatly appreciated.

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