Gregory Pettigrew (etherial) wrote,
Gregory Pettigrew

On Tonight's Greg's Pathetic Life...

Will Greg go to Sushi? Or will he go to the Natick Mall looking for a job and find one?

Whee! I got mad phat $$s, yo!

I'm getting paid $8.70 an hour working in the mall!
And they're looking for a new Manager - and that position pays $500 a week (though it will require much more of my time and I will probably have to give up gaming regularly).

What do I do, you ask?

That's the best part! I sell crap at "As Seen On TV!" - the store that sells all the crap that they have on Infomercials for HALF of their already LOW LOW PRICES!

Well, mostly I move things around on the shelves and read.

Ain't life wacky.

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