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etherial's War Journal

Day 5: rosinavs' taught her first class twice. Scheduling at Pennsic University is...interesting. Town run. Dinner with the Society of Friends. Drinks with the Lake of the Tribe of Lev.

Day 6: Irish Creme makes a fabulous substitute for milk when making French Toast! Showed up 5 minutes early to a class that had started 15 minutes early. No handouts left. V. annoyed. Applied for jobs online instead. Brief Choir rehearsal. Went shopping. Ate three different kinds of refined sugar in Crook'd Cat. They're slipping.

Day 7: More fingerloop braiding. More job applications. More choir. After dinner mint with the Northern Troth. Was misinformed about the weather and spent evening reading instead of carousing.

Day 8: More Franko-Celtic Toast. Town run. hfcougar's arriving tonight. Any thoughts for dinner (rhetorical)?
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