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Salazar Burdick, mildliy dissatisfied adventurer.

January 17, 121 AC

I found this old journal in a cache I had buried by the ancient highway. The past four years… I'm glad I didn't keep a record. I've been wintering in a village beneath a wizard's tower. The village is built entirely out of circular stone buildings. They keep the howling wind at bay, and have allowed for a rather ingenious network of protection circles. Each house has a protection circle built into its foundation, and the whole village is built in concentric rings where each protection circle has been put in place and summarily outgrown. The wizard takes on every "arcane" passerby as his "apprentice". That means me, I guess.

The last couple of weeks, ever since the Solstice, the woodsmen and hunters have been reporting goblin sightings. Also, every week, one or two of them disappear. The wizard is sending some of his "apprentices" out with some muscle to go investigate. The dwarf Mardrunn and I were busy reupping the wards on the protection circle and got to the muster point late. Terry and Phillip, two of the woodsmen, were having a wrestling match in the snow. If we have to resort to cannibalism, I'm thinking we should start with them.

We took the old road west. I took the opportunity to talk to Phillip and figure out who was first on the chopping block. Turns out, he had wanted us to do some drilling and march in formation down the road. Now, his overbearing zeal for military style aside, he had a good point about the drilling. Some practice together might come in handy down the road. We found an old storehouse for salt. They used to use the stuff to melt snow on the highways or something. We took some samples and memorized its location. It might make a good base camp/reference point.

A few more hours' walk and we came to an old house. One corner had caved in under the strain of the harsh snows. It looked like everything had been picked clean, so we continued exploring for the day and camped for the night back at the salthouse.

January 18, 121 AC

We went a different way down the road today and found an old gas station. Kobolds ambushed us while I was trying to collect a sample of the gasoline. They marched pretty effectively in formation but were no match for our tactics. Terry walloped them with his axe, I hexed and cursed, and the wizard…what the hell is her name?…scattered them with her Thunderwave. Those that survived the blast were quickly dispatched.

One of the curious things is that we'd gone out here looking for goblins. And we're fighting kobolds. Of course, we didn't even recognize what they were 'til we had a chance to study their bodies. Maybe we're supposed to be looking for kobolds and no one from the village knew the difference. Anyway, we burned the bodies and explored north.

A goat-drawn cart was coming our way, so we ducked into the snowbanks to watch another dozen kobold shieldmen ride past. We had wanted to sneak up behind them when we saw that some had come back following our tracks. We set for charge and…

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