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Salazar Burdick, zombie slayer

January 25, 121 AC
I have wrested new power out of my erstwhile benefactor. I seem to be well able to wrest powers that preserve my flesh, taking Fiendish Resilience is but the latest testament to that. Perhaps he wants to keep me alive, perhaps he simply is reluctant to grant me more dangerous (or more demonic) power. Regardless, my experiences so far have taught me well that it pays to be tough. Terry, Phillip, and Mardrunn are constantly Bloodied while I soldier on, near impervious to death.

January 26, 121 AC
Case in point today. In the darkness that thickens like soup before the dawn, I was stealthily investigating a rustling noise when I discovered it was a horror I had not encountered before. Not content with an unliving minion, some fiend had sewn functioning wings onto a zombie that had Bloodied poor Mardrinn in a single blow. We dispatched it quickly, but I couldn't help but be irked that I was unable to get it to attack me instead. Perhaps it knows my scent too well...

We followed its tracks through the frozen swamp to a graveyard where it appears zombies congregated nightly on the crypt. Investigation soon proved, however, that, not only was this not the home of the zombie master, but that something far stranger was in residence. I uncovered a secret door that was booby-trapped with a pitiable crossbow bolt, but the hatch beneath it was well fortified. Our attempts at knocking eventually elicited a response from an emaciated dwarf with a flamethrower (Good thing Phillip's shield took most of the blast). Using a bit of reverse psychology, we managed to convince Smith (who was really just the son of David Mugar) to let us in or else we'd collapse his entrance and trap him within.

What we found within could only be described as a retro-1960s shagadelic bachelor pad with several hundred DVDs. Seems young Mr. Mugar decided to liquidate his fortune when the Cataclysm hit and buried half a submarine to live out his days in miserable hermit-like fashion, hoarding guns and technology and occasionally raiding a local abandoned village for canned goods. In exchange for some of his guns, we agreed to do the raiding for him, since we're on a bit of a revenge kick re: zombies. He agrees to let us use his shower and we stay the night safely underground.

January 27, 121 AC
We plundered some rifles out of Alf Wiedersehen's casket and noticed there was a set of keys inside. Now, we had no idea what they opened, but Smith did mention that he had a working car, so we searched the surroundings and found a jeep hidden behind some aluminum evergreens.

We charged south at what the jeep's speedometer listed as the break-neck speed of 25 MPH, and indeed when Phillip jumped out to make some graffiti at the edge of the zombie-infested town, he nearly broke both legs and had to be eased back into consciousness. It was at about that time that we encountered the zombie horde. We beat a hasty strategic retreat and decided that, since we had the jeep, our first course of action was to get to a part of town where random adventurers were less likely to wander into, hoping the zombie population might be a little sparser in, say, the Southeast corner, rather than right where the road led into town.

Indeed, we found a strategic position in the entrance to the grocery store we were going to raid and faced a good two dozen zombies within. We opened fire upon those in the double-wide aisle while those in other sections slowly staggered forward. As they got nearer, we double- and triple-teamed them, but these guys wouldn't quit. You'd think you had one fully killed, and he'd just step back up Bloodied. Their tactics were simple, but brutally effective: swarm the nearest living thing and beat it to death.

Whenever they got close enough to get any Combat Advantage out of their position, though, we were ready for them. Iliana would use her Thunderwave to blast them back. Mardrunn would Turn Undead or summon her Divine Glow before things got really nasty. Our clever use of tactics, constantly shifting the injured away from the nastiest zombies, attacking from range when possible, and using Blast and Burst spells whenever necessary, allowed us to defeat the group with little damage in a matter of minutes. I'm currently on watch while the rest of the party divvies up the spoils (there's never anything I want in this forsaken patch of dirt).

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