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Salazar Burdick, overconfident fool

January 30, 121 AC
Matthias and I have encountered some Kruthik hatchlings on our way back to Smith's. I'm making a note so we can follow them back to their hive on a later date.

January 31, 121 AC
OK, so we bit off a little more than we could chew. I underestimated the degree of intelligence the zombies were passing back to their Zombie Lord. After two quick skirmishes where we pulled a good 2 dozen zombies out of the village and slaughtered them, the Zombie Lord had maneuvered a dozen of its tougher zombie minions into flanking positions waiting to ambush us. I had figured we'd get another hit and run in first. My bad.

We headed back into town and immediately saw a huge column of zombies shambling toward us. As we decided to make a strategic retreat, that's when the larger tougher zombies started to move inward trying to pin us in the horde's grasp. While Ilyana and I tried to slow down the massive attack, the others began engaging the trap, trying to punch an escape hole through them. Unfortunately, they had Soulslingers launching bolts of necrotic energy to bolster the front line defense, and the front lines were masters of tripping, pinning, grappling attacks, trying up Matthias and Terry (almost literally) a good chunk of the battle.

Mardrunn was able to slip out of the ambush after Turning the Undead and beating them back a ways. I should have slipped out the side while I had the chance, but foolishly decided to stick with the Wizard. Ilyana was knocked unconscious and I stood over her to protect her, thinking the icy spines of my Armor of Agathys would protect her, but all remaining Soulslingers bore down on me, and even I lose consciousness after a certain point.

Groggily, I heard more than saw Matthias start dragging me and Ilyana out of the fire. Phillip was helping, too, but even he went down. Mardrunn had pulled the jeep around and Terry was working to keep the path clear, and somehow we all managed to get in and drive off. When we got back to the graveyard, though, something had happened. The mausoleum had collapsed and the graves were looted. Phillip could sense that there was no Threshold in the mausoleum - it was no longer Smith's home.

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