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"We" are currently sourcing 15 to 20 Math Graduates/Teachers/ Tutors from the MA/NH region. Require instructors in each of the following for the first phase


Candidates should have a good teaching background and be able to use computers for basic operations such as sending emails, browsing websites, video, chat software etc. We can assign the work either full-time, part-time or on a contract basis.

The position will require a minimum 4 – 8 hours per day, based on your flexibility and the compensation will be $20/hr. The project is scheduled to go on till March 2009.

Work location can be remote with access to your own laptop/computer or in our Burlington office where we will provide a computer and desk.

Ideal candidate will have excellent penmanship. (We can teach you to use an electronic pen)

Please email us your MS Word resume (and mention that Greg sent you) along with a number where you can be reached if this is of interest to you.

Kind regards,

Jay Adhiya

M & R Consultants Corporation
781.273.5050 EXT - 1229
781.273.5051 (fax)

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