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Stupid Starbucks

I voted. I went for the same ticket I did in 2006:

I voted for Third Party candidates whenever possible and against Republicans whenever possible. I want them brutally punished for the fiasco of the last eight years.

I voted No on 1 because altering the income of the Commonwealth by that large a margin without altering its spending is suicide.

I voted Yes on 2 because even though it does dumb things to teenagers (who can't vote and are therefore the best of scapegoats), it's largely a step in the right direction.

I voted No on 3 because all forms of gambling should be legal. Even when something is a source of systematic abuse (i.e. dog track racing or the Republican Party), we should be hitting the abuse, not banning the "source".

And Starbucks refused to give me my free Mocha Frappucino because "it's not coffee". Despite being clearly labeled "coffee". And containing "coffee". And being the same price as all the drinks they are giving away.

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