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Kludgey McKludgerpants

Recently, I discovered how to get around the bug in gmail's contacts utility wherein you can't add somebody to a group directly. You first have to add them as a contact.

Tonight, I've come up with a (slightly more efficient) kludge for filing my emails. See, I label everything. I have 10 labels which successfully sort 97.7% of my email, and I star the rest. But, particularly with sent mail, not everything gets labeled. So, every month I have to go back through the entire month's emails looking for things that aren't labeled, and label them. Unfortunately, my gtalk archive kind of crowds it with lots and lots of chats that I don't really care about labeling. While it would be nice to filter my emails to "doesn't have a label", my current kludge is to search for "chat", wade through the chats, and label the emails that have the word chat in them, then search for "-chat" and all the chats disappear and I have a nice, clean, clear email archive.

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