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When doc_smiley moved back to town, the first thing he did was ask me when I was running an Earthdawn game. I originally told him "after move-in", but once kestrel404 found out, the timetable got pushed up some. See, kestrel404's been suffering from a wee bit of writer's block for his D&D game, and this is just the opportunity he needs to end it. I'm kinda torn. OTOH, I really don't have time for two weekly RPGs. OTOH, I was really enjoying his game. Sadly, it looks like I was the one getting the most fun out of it. Maybe my character was just more powerful than the others (having Con as the stat all your attacks are based off of is really awesome), and I'm sad to say that, even though it annoys me, it looks like D&D is more balanced when Magic Users provoke Opportunity Attacks.

Anyway, I'm running an Earthdawn game sometime soonish, and, as is my wont, I set (or at least start) all my Earthdawn games (and my PCs, too) in one of the underdeveloped cities in my mind, so I'm starting this one in Kratas, City of Thieves. I've even decided on what "City of Thieves" actually means to me. RedBrick, Ltd., the company that produces the current edition of Earthdawn, Earthdawn Classic (long story), just came out with a Kratas Sourcebook, but I don't like their style. I'd kind of like to read it, but the preview material makes me shy away from it rather than hew toward it. They got the correct feel for a "City of Thieves", but their feel for the game world is all wrong. The intro fiction is very generic, and the NPCs in the Character Codex are all Über-powered.

Mmm...creative juices flowing...

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