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The Hard Sell

So we're at Toscanini's having a bit of ice cream after dance practice, and there's a new kid in town. Let's call her "Coraline". We walked over to Tosci's chatting about Pennsic and she mentioned trying to find ways to motivate her boyfriend to check out the SCA.

Coraline: It shouldn't be too hard. He used to work at Plymouth Plantation and is looking to get back into Blacksmithing.
Gundormr: Oh, some SCAdian friends of ours have a forge in Waltham he should check out.
C: Something Hill?
Us: That's the one.
C: We're looking to buy a new house, actually. He wants one big enough that he can have his own forge.
Me: You know, usually I don't jump in like this on a total stranger, but I'm building a condo complex with some friends and our barn is going to house our wood shop...and forge...and fighter practice.
G: Yeah, but it's in the middle of nowhere.
Me: It's in Berlin, at the intersection of 290 and 495.
C: Is that near Marlborough?
Me: Yes.
C: He works in Marlborough. But we have cats, though.
Me: And?
C: Most places won't allow cats.
Me: That's because they're crazy.
C: Yeah, but it's not just the cats. We need room for my sewing stuff, too. I need a room big enough for a six by eight table-
Me: We have a sewing room.
C: *Boggle*
Me: Look, I won't lie to you, these units are a little pricey. We're selling them more or less at cost, but they come with a lot of communal space. [Description of Common House and discussion of "Hobby Rooms" ensues.]
C: But they all have their own kitchen and stuff, right?
Me: Yes.
jducouer: Yeah, but the kitchen that's to die for is in the Common House. 10 professional grade burners, etc., etc.

No guarantees or nuthin'. It was just very gratifying to see someone so quickly "get" the idea, and see the value of all the time and effort that's been put into this project.

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