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I dreamt last night that I was part of some research project that had accidentally developed a psychotic AI named Sierra bent on destroying the world.

Only three of us had managed to heroically throw ourselves into the room the computer was in before it sealed (and presumably electrified) the sliding doors that comprised the entrance. We spent a good chunk of the movie talking about how we'd survive in the ocean waiting for a water rescue. I can't really remember why. I think we might have been in some kind of attack rocket or airship. Eventually, we realized that the computer needed a small amount of oxygen, and that if we managed to stay inside it long enough, we would die having consumed all of its oxygen as well.

Unfortunately, it managed to capture and implant a chip in one of the three of us, but I managed to knock him out and ziptie him down. In tying him down, I had started to move some of the less-nailed-down components and discovered a coaxial cable that was still hooked up on the far end. It seems the genius computer programmer who was leading the coding work wrote buggy stuff and had simply disconnected the direct video feed of the computer's brain when he could no longer control it. He was the first to die. I suspect I was about to use the direct video feed to implant some sort of jedi mind trick into the computer when I woke up.

The third person who had remained inside was a woman, and I liked that she and I both had SOs waiting for us outside. I felt that was much more realistic than the two of us having some farcical romance inside the insane computer.

Edit: Yes, I do watch Fox's Friday night lineup, but haven't watched this week's yet.

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