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Several upcoming things that I want y'all to be aware of:

•"I" have 2 tickets to tomorrow nights showing of The Miracle at Naples. "A band of traveling commedia players in Renaissance Italy ignites the passions of the locals when they arrive to perform at the Feast of San Gennaro. A series of lovers romp through the town piazza seeking pleasure and finding love in this outrageously smart and bawdy comedy from David Grimm." I can't go. These tickets are $30 each (OBO). This show looks awesome and I hope these tickets find a good home.

rosinavs and I have rescheduled our Pavilion Raising to this Friday at my house in Wellesley. Something about pitching a tent in a thunderstorm seemed less than perfectly pleasant, so we canceled last week. There will be pizza and beer, and all who come are invited to bring lanterns and camp chairs and whatnot (lots of whatnot). We're under less of a time crunch, so we'll be starting at six. RSVP for pizza.

•I am finally moving into my house at Camelot, and will be frantically cleaning the weekend of the 18th. Anyone who is interested in helping will be rewarded with Quizno's and beer and boardgames if we finish quickly.

•The actual housewarming party, the "Whisk(e)y Party", is tentatively scheduled for late May, probably either the 29th or 30th, but definitely not Memorial Day Weekend.

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