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Home Again

Today, I* cooked my first Camelot common meal. rosinavs and I helped the Veale Household prepare several gallons of Pasta Carbonera, several dozen Scotch Eggs, several loaves of Italian bread, and some much needed salad. I spent two hours in the kitchen and it was fabulous. I can hardly wait until I move into my house in a little over a week...until we move into our house.

rosinavs and I have talked, from time to time, about the possibility of moving in together. It's a dangerous idea. I'm not a believer in cohabitation. I've seen it end spectacularly badly, for various definitions of spectacular. There are numerous reasons for us to not move in together, but late last month we realized that the chief reason we weren't planning on it was stubbornness. I want to own my own house, dammit. She wants to own her own house, dammit. We aren't quite... planning... anything... yet... but we really don't expect living separately to have lasted more than a year anyway.

And if you have to give the $8000 stimulus money back, that really removes any benefit to the two of us of buying two houses. We're genuinely and honestly frustrated that we aren't buying the 40B unit. Believe me, we had all kinds of crazy plans for that place, none the least of which was actually selling one of the 40B one-beds. Those things are turning out really difficult as, not only is the income range tiny, but few single people want to buy a house. But the benefits for us, both monetary and intangible, of buying #61 outweigh #72 by a good margin.

I look forward to waking up every morning next to my sweetheart. I look forward to never having to figure out whether she should pick me up and drive or I should pick her up and drive. I look forward to never having to run back to my place to pick up something I forgot. I look forward to never having to wear the same outfit 2 days in a row because I decided to sleep over. I look forward to never having a romantic dinner for two at her place and then having to drive home. There's a part of me that's disappointed that I won't be having my own house. But most of me is very excited about having our house.

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