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Movin' Out

As previously posted, I am moving to my new house soon. In fact, I am moving before we actually close, because we can lease the house for the few days before we close. I have, and still am, in the odd situation where I'm in no hurry to move. My lease with my parents is unsurprisingly flexible. My roommates, however, need to move PDQ.

I will be helping rosinavs pack most of this weekend when I am not cleaning and painting the new house. If anyone is willing to help with any of these tasks, I love you and will feed you food and drink. Please let me know the day you can help, from Friday the 17th through Tuesday the 21st, the time you can help, and the location in which you would prefer to volunteer, Berlin or Waltham. I will make sure I or one of my roomies is there to greet you, thank you profusely, ply you with edibles and potables, and put you to work. If we get ahead of the game in Waltham, we may switch to my place in Wellesley to get me packed up.

If you can't help this weekend but you can the next, we plan to move the large stuff with a moving truck on Sunday the 26th, loading in Waltham in the morning and unloading in Berlin in the afternoon. More details on this when I know them.

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