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Apocalypse Survival Skills

One of the activities faire-type lines I've been saving for the right occasion is "The SCA: Learn how to do just about anything by hand so you too can survive the apocalypse."

Well, yesterday I helped butcher a deer. Now, I'm the kind of person who, when a friend invites you over to help butcher a deer, thinks "How would I go about that?", so I found it somewhat straightforward, but it's nice to know that my instincts are good. In the future, though, I'll have to remember to get more involved in the disemboweling. I don't think trying to rip the heart and lungs out was a good introduction to severing the connective tissues. It involved reaching a little too far into the body cavity and relying completely on touch - touches I am unfamiliar with at this time.

I wasn't quite expecting it to gush so much blood, but Bambi got hit by a car and had a shattered hip and severely bruised liver, so most of her blood had entered her body cavity. Still, rosinavs and I came away with two 6.5 lb legs of venison which are curing in our fridge. We'll probably cook one up Thursday and serve it at Game, and freeze the other for eating later.

I should probably hit up my scribal friends to see if any of them have good how-to guides on making vellum.

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