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More on Crown

After staying up past midnight on Friday, we got up at six so rosinavs could run setup and parking for Crown Tournament and I could join the brute squad.

Once people started showing up in earnest, I joined in with the Ministry of Lists, the group of people who run the tournament. We had 7 MoLs, which at times was too many, at times just right, but we had a grand old time. The list of combatants had rank amateurs all the way up to the record holder for most Eastern Crowns won, including six several-times-over Champions, two once-champions, and seven other knights.

I was helping Baroness eLeri manage the left half of the Lists, so I didn't see what was happening to my friends in the List until I saw Sir Colin vs. Sir Edward in the fourth round. Ouch. I'm sure it's frustrating to knock out your longtime friend and neighbor, but when you're trying to get into the quarterfinals, the field is just too small.

Sir Edward continued his winning streak, tirelessly blocking the relentless Duke Gregor, who was eventually legged, immobilized, and defeated. Sir Edward then faced Count Gryffith, the man who had groomed him for Knighthood. Gryffith also fell.

Last, in the finals, the two undefeated champions of the day, SirEdward vs. Lucan Dux, seven-times winner of Crown Tournament, in a best two of three match. Lucan didn't touch him. Nobody touched him. Sir Edward went uninjured in the deepest, thickest, most spectacular Crown Tournament we've had in an age.

He was given the Princely coronet and passed the Princess coronet on to his longtime friend, inspiration, and consort Meggie.

Yesterday, I saw the knight who lives down the street take all comers and walk away clean. Yesterday, I saw the woman who lives across the street become a Princess with grace and wit. Best Halloween EVAR.

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