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Shadowrun, anyone?

Once upon a time, some friends and I played in a D&D "pick-up game". Whoever was free on Sundays showed up, somebody would try to pick up the story where we left off, and we tried to keep it just plotful enough to avoid being all-combat all the time. It didn't really succeed in its goals, but was fun. I've been pondering trying to start a similar idea for a Shadowrun pick-up game, one of the advantages of which being that Shadowrun is a world better suited for a revolving gallery of characters and fluctuations in mood.

And so I present: The Weekenders

Greetings, sportsfans!

Have you ever noticed that Seattle never sleeps? Factories operate 24/7, the movieplex has matinee pricing from 4 AM to 4 PM, and you can't say "Third Shift" without "Mandatory Overtime". But, you know, execs and drones still work it 9-5 (ish), Monday through Friday (ish). All too often, Mr. Johnson has a job that needs to get done, but so many Runners are either in the middle of something already, or are taking the weekend off to go camping with the kids out in Tir Tairngire. What is Mr. Johnson to do!? He'll call us. I'm putting a team together, opt-in on any jobs you want, opt-out of any jobs you don't. There's just one rule: Call us on Friday, and it'll be done on Sunday. We're The Weekenders. We'll get it done. If you're receiving this message, you'll know how to reach me.

-Kit Carson

The idea is simple: Drop me a line if you'd like to go on a Shadowrun every once in a while. Make a starting character, nothing weird. Whenever someone feels like running, they email the list. If enough people respond, we play. We can play any day of the week, but I'd generally suggest Friday evenings or Sunday afternoons. If I'm available, I can probably host at Camelot. There's no pressure to come, no pressure to run.

The single biggest question I have left, besides "Who's interested?", is "Which Edition to play?" We rely on rules to keep us from kicking each other and pulling on hair, but rules editions change. 3rd Edition was very popular, but 4th Edition is in print. I don't have any 4th Edition books, but I currently can't find my 3rd Edition books anyway (Did I loan them to someone? dirkcjelli? getoffended? londo? shogunhb? ???). Anyway, fill out the poll if you like. Reply if you're interested.

Poll #1487834 Which rules edition would you prefer to use?

I would prefer Third Edition because

I would prefer Fourth Edition because

I have no preference because

I am not interested because

I like ticky boxes because


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