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Wedding Plans

Some things are beginning to shape up for the wedding (and, of course, some things remain completely bent out of shape). First thing's first, if you're reading this, you're invited. May 15 at 3:00 at our castle at Camelot. Our primary goal is to have tons of people there. All of our concepts and ideas revolve around enabling people to come and enjoy. The biggest thing on our plate is getting the word out about the food. See, I've always been vaguely disappointed with catered food. I mean, everyone I know knows how to cook (except doc_smiley) and, frankly, I'd rather have what we have to offer than catered food any day.

So, here's the idea for the reception dinner: BYOS. That's Bring Your Own Specialty. Cook your favorite meal, or my favorite meal that you cook, and bring it. If you're a mixologist, bring cocktail fixings. If you're a baker, bring bread and cookies. It's like a pot luck, but we know that luck is on our side since you're a brilliant cook. We'll have plenty of fridges, ovens, and outlets, so get creative. Contact our food coordinator kadnkadnk and see what people are bringing. It'll be fabulous. Remember, also, that we have out of town guests who we can't really expect to cook, so bring extra for them.

PS - Hannaford is having a mega sale on Coca Cola Products this week - 5 2-Liters for $5. I plan on buying a hectaliter this weekend and highly recommend buying some yourself to bring to the wedding, or just to drink on your own.

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