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Oh how time flies

I realized the other day that I have now lived in Camelot longer than any other place besides my parents' house. In most ways, it has felt like home from the get go. In other ways, habits long developed in the 24 years since I moved to Wellesley are still ingrained. Most times when I enter a home address into an entry field, I have to pause and reject Wellesley as being incorrect.

The previous second place holder was the apartment on Wachusett Street, where I lived from late April 2001 (after a certain apartment caught fire) to June 2002, which was also the previous time I lived with Doc. It will take some time for me to have lived in Berlin longer than Worcester, and it's possible I may never beat the 20 years I spent living in my parents' house in Wellesley.

This mostly serves as a reminder that, glorious and fun though it has been, I have spent a lot of the past year spinning my wheels in place and otherwise stuck in a holding pattern. I'm adrift in a sea of time, and though I have companions in my flotilla, it's frustrating.

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