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Don't you know the Dewey Decimal System?

rosinavs and I are entering a two-phase stuff organization plan. The first phase consists of buying and building shelving units and putting all of our stuff into bins on these shelving units. Phase I is already underway.

Phase II will be to label, organize, and arrange these bins in some sort of reasonable fashion. This begs the question: What sort of organizational scheme would be good for this? I'm envisioning something like the dewey decimal system where every bin gets a number: AB.CD where AB encodes the subject matter: fabric, yarn, crafting notions, camping gear, musical instruments, travel supplies, family mementos, spare bedding, etc. and CD is just a two digit bin number.

Anybody have experience organizing an arbitrary number of bins of things?

PS - Anybody in Mass have a geiger counter? We have recently been gifted some Steampunk jewelry and I want to know the radiation dosage.

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