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[meme] To Infinity and Beyond...

Hey folks, got a new meme for you! It's real simple. It's about the relationship between numbers and your life. On day 1, you post about the number 1. On day 2, you post about the number 2. The best part is, the meme will never end! Your friends will be posting this meme for ever and ever.

1: I created one meme. I'd like to create more in the future, but for now, just one. Being a mathematician, I wanted to help people convey just how important numbers are in their daily lives. Also, it will help make them feel important by giving them something to post about, even if their lives are completely banal and have nothing interesting going on, they can rest assured that my meme will give valuable insights to their friends and family. I feel very lucky to have created a meme that will provide people with lj content for eons to come.

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