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Party and Other Things

The sync cradle that came with my Kyocera Smartphone is not compatible with my computer, so I can't get any of the Palm OS LiveJournal programs. These have been written in no particular order since Sunday. Try to read all of them. I'm also not in the mood for using weird time travel posting since I like the date to reflect when I actually posted something, not when I started thinking about it. I usually start thinking about posts years before I can express them coherently enough to write them out.

Saturday was interesting. Thankyou everyone who told Sami to talk to me - you made my day. The party was also cool, but not nearly as much as knowing how much esteem you held me in.

Parties are usually really difficult for me - people who don't seem interested in me in the slightest during the reast of the year flirt with me hardcore. But are they really interested, or are they just using me? Most parties I just end up crying in the corner at the confusion and the sheer existential horror of the whole thing. Perhaps the fact that I didn't had something to do with how ill I got on Sunday. Something about bad humours. Of course, it could be that I got struck down with my first major case of food poisoning or something from Noah's mouth (nice teeth, by the way).

Went to see fireworks with the fambly on Sunday. They didn't even seem to notice how shitty I felt. Maybe they just assumed I'd be hungover after Saturday night. My parents were kind of amused that I didn't even try to pretend I would be doing anything at the party other than what I did.

Next time the summer comes around, I need to remind myself of two things I love :
chairs and fireworks. Blanket + Concrete + Me = Cranky.

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