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The Neverending Story

The sync cradle that came with my Kyocera Smartphone is not compatible with my computer, so I can't get any of the Palm OS LiveJournal programs. These have been written in no particular order since Sunday. Try to read all of them. I'm also not in the mood for using weird time travel posting since I like the date to reflect when I actually posted something, not when I started thinking about it. I usually start thinking about posts years before I can express them coherently enough to write them out.*DISCLAIMER*

I read the novel on which one of my favourite movies was based. It is a clear example of why I usually prefer dubbing over subbing in Anime (though The Neverending Story has nothing to do with Anime). The book is a much more direct translation of the words the author was using to say what he thought. But it is choppy and difficult to read. The movie is a more artisitc endeavour, which does take more license, but it better captures the meaning of those words and the story actually fits together coherently. But the movie only follows the first half of the book, and it is the second half that blows me away. It is only when you lose yourself in a book that you can grow, and this isn't really accomplished in either of the movie's half-assed sequels.

PS - Please tell me there's another way to interpret "a stag with golden antlers who walked erect and wore a Prince Alber."

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