Gregory Pettigrew (etherial) wrote,
Gregory Pettigrew

No News Is Good News

  • Monday, rosinavs ran another session of D&D. I know that most people prefer other editions more, but if all you want is to roll dice and kill monsters, 4.0 really is the best.

  • Tuesday, I auditioned for a local community theatre's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I'm pretty sure I rocked the audition, but I was unavailable on their callback date and already have a number of things on my schedule, so it's unclear whether they think my princess:talent ratio merits a role, a big role, or a "no thanks". I'm not too concerned about getting a "no thanks" - V's car is out of commission and I don't want to be hogging all of the getting out of the house time.

  • Wednesday, rosinavs and I bought curtains to block the Daystar from sending its laser beams into the sanctum.

  • Thursday, my department went out for gelato to beat the heat. I had a night in and got most of the way through Act I in Diablo III with my Monk.

  • Friday, my corporate seniority went up a half-tick as my boss went on to seek new opportunities elsewhere. For dinner, I went out for steak with friends because jedilora had a craving.

  • Saturday, I went shopping for shorts. I work in an office with an air conditioner that sounds like a jet engine, so it tends to alternate between room temperature and warm (rather than antarctic and iceberg like some other offices I've worked in) and shorts are in season here. Unfortunately, flat-front shorts are in season out there in suburbia, which means I could only find one manufacturer making shorts that fit - Wrangler.

    We then played board games at a house warming party for a friend. I won a game of Lunar Rails and a game of Dominion, because Treasure Map is broken. I also learned that, in Massachusetts, when a lawyer quits a court case, they have to file a "motion to disappear". I wonder what regs the Mass. Bar Assoc. has on smoke grenades.

  • Sunday, we went to a wedding and a good time was had by all. I loved some of the little details they had added to the ceremony. They had the most egalitarian ketubah I've seen to date, and they placed the ring on their betrothed's forefinger, signaling assent by moving it to one's own ring finger. Instead of the bride circling the groom seven times to wind fate or whatever, she circled him 3 times, then he circled her 3 times, then they circled each other.

    We also saw Brave. As others have said elsewhere in more depth or complexity, Brave is a mildly above average Disney Princess movie (with no singing) that seems to only exist to dilute the Pixar brand.

    Plans for this week include:
  • more D&D
  • fingerloop braiding workshop
  • finding out if I'm in the play
  • catching up on sleep
  • Buttery birthday
  • going to see the penultimate showing of Rocky Horror in Harvard Square
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