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Weird Dream Theater

The dream begins in an office. It is rather like Nixon's Oval Office. In it are two men, their names beginning with the same letter and being of the same length, though I don't remember what they are. We shall call one "Washington", as his name has a similar mouthfeel to that of Washington. The other we shall call Waldorf, who is clearly the owner of this office.

The two men are talking, clearly friends. Waldorf is more generally famous, but the occasion where the two of them collaborated is a National Holiday known as "Washington's Day" and it seems everyone has forgotten that Waldorf was even involved. In conversation, Waldorf calls it "Washington-Waldorf Day", yielding the better part of the fame to Washington whilst trying to protect his own reputation. Washington, knowing that nobody else calls it that, corrects him. It is now ON.

What proceeds is a 70s Era Steve Martin Revenge Comedy where Waldorf follows Washington first to the Dentist's Office, and then to the DMV, where each man is attempting to renew Washington's Driver's License. Washington, older in years and possibly perturbed by this strange turn of events, and frightened of the possibility that Waldorf will be awarded Washington's new Driver's License, fails the vision exam, which is administered in a room full of other people taking the same eye exam off the same chart, of course. He is then escorted to another eye exam with a rebus that is, to the audience, clearly unintelligible.

Will Waldorf recover his bruised ego? Will the two friends reconcile? Will Washington ever be able to drive again?

Who knows?

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