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(The formatting is a bit wonky since it was an old mac file being read by a new Windows machine)

Dear Scholarship Committee: I am writing this letter of reference for Mr. Greg Pettigrew who has been a student of mine in Robotics and Design and Technology during his years here at Wellesley High School. Greg has been not only an honor student in Robotics but a leader in the classroom. His relationship with his peers is outstanding. He has the ability to work with them while exciting them to get involved in experimentation in order to support the learning of Robotics and the principles of Engineering and Technology.

Greg has been a student here for the last four years. I have known him each year in the Science Team, and in the courses, Design and Technology and Robotics. He has lead the Science Team this year. Greg's honest hard work to understand every concept in robotics has been impressive. He has chosen the most academically rewarding path and has shown that he is the cornerstone of each team effort. Robotics works in team groups and on all of the projects Greg has taken on the hardest task. I sense an intrigue and can see his face light up as he accomplishes the projects. Greg has investigated each project and worked toward knowing what robotics principles apply to each project.

Greg has had an active interest in playing a teaching role in the M.I.T. High School Studies Program (HSSP). He has worked as a member of the Wellesley High School Academic Decathalon Team. Diligence is characteristic of his personality. One of the first words that comes to mind is outgoing. Greg has industriously put all of his outside experiences to use in the classroom. They have helped him to be the solid person that he is. I give my highest recommendation to Greg Pettigrew as he applies for scholarships to colleges and universities around the country. I am sure that he will make the eventual chosen college proud to have him as a future alumnus. He will be an asset to the college community at large.

Sincerely, Bruce A. Seiger, Instructor

(Mr. Seiger died the week I accepted my first teaching position. Synchronicity is a bitch.)

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