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Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Once upon a time, my roommate Daren and my friend Conor invited me to join them in a Werewolf LARP called "Crossroads". I had played a couple of Werewolf one-shots before, and it was kind of interesting, but it had not yet grabbed me. This game grabbed me. Werewolf is a game of found family, of holding the line against the darkness, of courage in the face of impossible odds, of painfully swallowing your frustration, and of letting loose your Rage...and then having to deal with the messy consequences.

I am currently playing in another Werewolf LARP and had a fantastic time on Saturday. A deep digging mine in Canada had been turned into a festering hive of vileness and a home base of the Tribe of Fallen Werewolves. Our group traveled to this mine to clear it out and purify it in the name of Gaia. We stormed the pre-fabricated office building of the mine, and my character, Anklebiter Leaps-into Danger, charged forward stunning, disabling, throwing enemies down the stairs, and stabbing them in the throat.

The GMs, using some fairly minimal home and garden equipment, and writing the plot to take advantage of the layout of the game location, had us charging up the stairs of the office building (house), cautiously advancing through a labyrinth (of ropes), and standing around a campfire brooding (in and out of character).

Part of that brooding was the fact that our characters found the nursery where the Fallen Ones kept their children. Ten wolf pups and Fifteen half-breed werewolf cubs lay sleeping in a pit wherein the Fallen Tribe fed them by throwing in the bodies of the crippled, the weak, and the slain. These infants, however, were not necessarily incurable. My character Anklebiter, born a wolf in the Canadian wilderness, whose pack was gunned down by hunters in helicopters, felt more than most that these cubs were too precious to let the enemy keep. We set an ambush and woke the cubs to send their tenders running. The fight was tough, and we were outnumbered and outranked, and our leader decided to retreat.

This was one of those "swallow your frustration" or "let loose your Rage" moments. I called over a GM and he whipped Anklebiter's Rage into a frenzy, and he let loose on the bad guys...while everyone else retreated and Anklebiter was left alone, 6 to 1. He went down in a blaze of glory defending what he believed in, because he could not live in a world where those cubs did not go home in the hands of the Good Guys.

And then I did it all again. The GMs recruited me to play one of the Fallen Ones' torture victims, and I did such a good job of playing the lost, confused, beaten and broken kidnapping victim, tugging the heartstrings of the other players, that we rolled with it and he became my new character. Mustering his anger, his need for revenge, and whatever infinitessimal nugget of strength had survived, he crawled out of his jail cell with the rest of the party, got trapped on the wrong side of a sphincter in a tunnel, lost his mind and ran off to go cry in a corner while the Load-Bearing Boss brought the whole mine crashing down on him.

So, I'm in search of a new character and, hopefully, a new group of people to bring into the game (either into Werewolf or just into Rage Across the Cape). So, if y'all are interested, let me know here or elsewhere. Next game is June 15th in Warwick, RI.

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In roughly chronological order, here are the various Werewolf PCs I've played. I didn't notice that I tend to play Lupus a lot. Playing a Lupus (wolf-born) Werewolf is a privilege, not a right, and I like to think that I've earned the GMs' trust to play them properly.

Begs for Scraps, Cliath Lupus Galliard of the Bone Gnawers
Eats the Wolves, Cliath Lupus ??? of the Black Spiral Dancers, Cannibal
Jason Saroff, Fostern Homid Galliard of the Shadow Lords, Alpha of Eagle's Hand, Beta of the Sept of the Crossroads
Kit Fox, Nogitsune Roko Doshi of the Kitsune
Antonio di Napoli, Athro Lupus Ragabash of the Glass Walkers
???, Adren Lupus Theurge of the Wendigo
sohcahtoa, Cliath Homid Philodox of the Warders of Men
Conley Brady, Cliath Homid Ragabash of the Fianna
Andreiko Eferiev, Cliath Homid Galliard of the Silver Fangs
William Shell-of-the-Turtle, Cliath Metis Theurge of the Uktena
Jiao River-Dragon, Homid Sai Chau of the Zhong Lung, Wood Courtier, Seer Pro-Tempore of the Court of the Jade Wolf
Anklebiter Leaps-into-Danger, Cliath Lupus Ahroun of the Wendigo, Deceased
Mark Sheffield, Homid Ragabash Cub, Deceased

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