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'Con Report

OK, like, I'm back from Botcon.
For pics'n'things, try this gallery, put up by Benson Yee, whose site is my favourite spot for TF info and where pretty much all the links on this page will lead. 'Con was pretty good. The dealer room was hooge (at least compared to 'cons I've been to in the past). The video room was showing Robots in Disguise, so I didn't go in there. I couldn't stand that show in 30-minute doses. Why watch a marathon? The art room had some fairly generic TF art, a hooge poster that I couldn't get a good look at because of the angle it was posted at, and some cool stuff (of which there are pictures up above). The charity auction was kind of crazy. I don't know how much it went for, but one of the guys we were staying with had a $70 bid on the Monty Python bunny before realizing they retailed for like $5. Good thing someone outbid him. Joe had a bit of an impulse-control problem, he ended up buying 10 Glyphs, and gave like six of them away to the rest of us. I never made it into the Autograph room. They didn't have any Ubercool voice actors and I was too busy scavenging in the dealer room anyway.

It was cool meeting paladin256, Joe, and even UnicronQ. I feel kinda bad about some of the barbed comments I made at/about UnicronQ (as he is at least slightly autistic), but I know that the whole point was to say things so far over his head that he still found them funny. That by making fun of him on levels he can't comprehend, that I am satisfying the bully in everyone else and sparing him any embarassment. At least, I hope God saw it that way.

Here's the damage to my wallet:

Gas, oil, tolls, food, and room - ~$200
Presents for dilettante - $101
JRX (complete with sat-on box)- $45
Registration - $30
Astrotrain (complete) - $25
Autographed Targetmaster Blurr (missing gun) - $20
Powersprockets for Doubledealer (forgot to buy chestpiece) - $20
Magnaboss - $15
Jazz (nearly complete, just missing a roof) $14
Battle Unicorn - $10
Slightly Damaged Inferno (missing wrist) - $5
Turrent for Powermaster Optimus Prime (finally complete) - $5
Waqon Soldier Metal Hetman (knockoff of this guy) (MISB) - $5
Backpack for Roadblaster (toy REALLY incomplete) - $4
Free Stuff from Joe:
Autobot pin with obnoxious flashing lights
Optimus Prime lollypop

Free Tenchi Comic from rinnegan
Spending an extended weekend with Sonya - Priceless

I now have 5 gestalts (Devastator, JRX, Magnaboss, Metal Hetman, and Omega Prime). I am also a lot happier about the condition of my existing toys - my Blitzwing, for example, is only missing the missiles, turrent, and one purple clip broke off. My other toys, though occasionally battered, minorly broke, or with overly loose/tight joints are all still a lot of fun. I am not burned out, I can still stand looking at transformers, and I still want everything Armada has to offer.

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