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Location, Location, Location

Here's what I have to say about everywhere I've been in the past week:

Massachusetts - home sweet home. or something.

New York - Apparently, 'lower gas prices in effect' means 'costs the same as in Massachusetts.' Didn't compare their prices to the one time I got gas in Michigan and didn't want to bother with the funky conversions in Canada.

Canada - beautiful. I love it up there. Cops seem to exist only to prevent pesky Americans from smuggling things in or out. Traffic holes so large I can go weave the highway at 140 klicks. Always get lost on my way out, though. Seems they don't want me to leave.

Michigan - Sucks. Detroit has the most ambient light of any city I've been to at night, and all of it is so high in the air that I couldn't see *anything* with my headlights on. Who needs to see conning towers and antennae lit up like Christmas Trees? They also have the 10-foot-slab-of-concrete theory of road construction. You know, the kind that makes it sound like you have a flat? Fuckin Michigan. The only things I liked about that damned state were
1) Sonya and fambly
2) Blinking Reds on Left-turn signals
3) Pitchers of Shirley Temple at Red Lobster
4) Leaving

Ohio - Rained all the time. Probably a coincidence. Drove through Toledo both ways. Wasn't as bad as Michigan.

Indiana - Not much to say about the state in general. Streets in Fort Wayne were either 5 lanes wide and one-way, or normal 2-lane roads. Sonya had complaints about their Wendy's Kids Meals.

Never driving 12 hours alone again. Besides the fact that I had accepted that every other car on the road was a Transformer (and always keeping my eye out for Decepticons), by Midnight I had started hallucinating Blue SUVs every couple of miles on the New York Turnpike, where the white reflectors on the side of the road occasionally had a red friend.

License Plate Watch:
All 50 States except: New Mexico, North Dakota, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Wyoming.
Four Provinces : Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec.
U.S. Government, U.S. Airforce.
As far as I could tell, the Ministry of Transportation uses regular Ontario Plates. I forgot to closely examine the cruiser I rode in when that nice Canadian Cop helped me find a garage to look at my car.

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