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Bought me some new toys. Got everything that's been reviewed but Megatron and Starscream. The Minicons were great. I mean, really great. So cool they are. The rest of the toys (especially the Autobots) were kinda lame. The Autobots were all clunky. Definitely designed by Apprentice Elves. One thing that did redeem them was the Armada Ubergimmick - the Minicons themselves. See, Autobots and decepticons have connectors on them (male Powerlinx connectors) that hook up to the female connectors on the Minicons. Some of these connectors are just for show, but others active nifty features. That, and having transformers bristling with weaponry is just plain cool.

How do I know that Minicons have the femal connectors? Because you can see the clitoris. That shot is of Perceptor, definitely my favourite. That powerlinx connector you see belongs to Grindor (a skateboard!), the only transforming hermaphrodite (he has a male connector to attach him to High Wire (a bicycle!)). For those of you wondering about scale, Minicons are a little larger than Micromasters (the iddy-bitty TFs released over a decade ago). That makes them like an inch to 2 inches long.

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