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Apartament Noveau

I caught a rather nasty chill last night. I don't know if I want to hope it was the apartment or just my blankets. Maybe I'll just pretend it was the window and remember to wear pajamas from now on. It's the first day of the term, and already sleep-dep is getting to me. Granted, I've been up past 2 several nights in a row, but still...

In other news, there's no SFS Veep. This is due to circumstances beyond our control, but I find it rather amusing that we've had 2 Treasurers leave office early, and now 2 Veeps as well. Now, I'm one of those people that is constantly plagued by unquenchable fears, and one of those fears is that the manner we have been electing SFS Ocifers is too cliquish - and therefore harmful to the club. Now while The Wedgerats(tm) is the largest clique in the SFS with much history behind it, including many old people who stay around, we aren't the club. There are others. Like the group of freshmen et al that actually hung out in the wedge and played games there all the time. They're part of the club too. Would they have put up with obnoxious ex-officers screaming at the frosh? Would they successfully organize AnimeFest without bitterness and hatred building up?

The simple answer is, I don't know. But I do know that they have some very cool people that might make good ocifers.

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