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What's going on?

My last post left me on my way to the shores of Winniper to enjoy the sun and stars and nostalgiac ambience of my summer camp - my home. It felt kind of odd being there since it had been 2 years. I felt much older and distant than I had as a sophomore. Camp has evolved, as always, and so have the people involved.

And so have I. I swam a lot Saturday (which is nothing new) and played Volleyball a lot (same as always), but I actually decided to join in the game of Softball. I never made it to first, never caught any balls, but I did feel involved.And the only pity I got was after the ball smacked me in the mouth (causing a still irritating cut on the inside of my lip) and I ended up the last batter of the Ninth Inning. I struck out, but they did give me a kindness extra swing (Tink they said. Tinkerbell is more like it, but I appreciate the gesture). Later that night I bruised some ribs diving onto concretelike sand trying to keep the volleyball up.

So I'm a little battered physically from my Labor Day Weekend, and due to incurable anxiety over a certain other party being held on Lake Winnepesaukee that weekend, I'm a bit battered emotionally. Actually managed to get some work done on my IQP and convince my MQP Advisor I had worked on that. Now I just need to play around with Finale to show some work on my Suff.

Asked a cute guy out. He was my lab partner in Stats I, almost again in Stats II, and he's in my Volleyball class.

"Would you like to go out sometime?" I said.
"You know. Hang out, see a movie or something."
"Sure. I'm kinda busy this week, and then I have rush to take care of this weekend. I'll talk to ya [in class] Monday."

I'm not too sure he realized I meant a date. But he was interested in seeing me outside of class. It's a start. I wonder if he's gay...

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