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Gaming Weekend

Okay, Gaming Weekend is technically not over yet. But I have things to do today, so I'll just say a few words.
Friday night I was a bit bummed because nobody wanted to play my favourite game, or did, but then remembered they had to be awake the next day.

To the creators of Monkey Politics: If you invent a new and wacky card game, and laugh the whole time playing it, DON'T PLAY IT AROUND PEOPLE LIKE ME IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO LET THEM KNOW HOW TO PLAY. IT PISSES THEM OFF.

Crashed at Seth's. Talked until the wee hours of the morn. Woke up amid sounds of conversation. Insecurities, as always, making me wonder whether or not they would be offended if I just woke up and joined them. Wondering also whether inviting myself over, stealing the couch, and then passing out first and probably snoring the whole time was also overstepping my bounds.

Saturday was not in much of a gaming mood, but stuck around anyway. Played Funkenschlag and Australia Rails (yay my favourite game x 2!!). Much drawing-with-crayons. Won Australia Rails.

I have been able to classify two different types of Sleep Dep:
I. Sleep Depraved - this is when you stay up all night and go a little bit insane. It can be a lot of fun, and if you're not doing anything important the next day (or at least have time to take a long nap), everything's OK.
II. Sleep Deprived - this is when you haven't been getting enough sleep, causing you to sleep poorly, wake up slowly, and be generally cranky. Constant nagging fears keeping you awake can be a killer. Has a nasty tendency to be self-propagating. A Cure (for me) requires an emotionally fulfilled day, followed by an early bedtime.

Type I is usually a precursor to type II, especially when done repeatedly. Last bout of type II ended Thursday or thereabouts, almost certainly due to abstaining from CE in the Wedge. Probably has returned, but short-term type II Sleep Deprived is normal after Gaming Weekend. Probably won't see the light of day tomorrow.

Room is a mess. Still.

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