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Birthday Plug

Here is my Amazon Wishlist.

And here is the wishlist that I have been keeping for some time:

(things on may not have been added to this one.)

Transformers :
Armada Optimus Prime
Sonic Attack Jet

Books :
The Book of Five Rings
The Tao of Pooh/The Té of Piglet Boxed Set
The Dao De Ching (Random House)

Games :
Iron Dragon ____\ Mayfair Games
Empire Builder / (really any crayon rails will do)

Icehouse (

Miscleaneous :
Lain Bear Suit
Lego Destroyer Droid
TMBG Shot Glasses ----> available at

DVDs :
Ever After
Fight Club

Music :
Armageddon Soundtrack
Ever After Soundtrack
Neverending Story Soundtrack
Monkees Albums (not greatest hits)
Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits

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