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What's up

An urge to post (without really knowing what I want to post *about*) has left me kind of confused.

I turned in my deposit for the Italy Tour. Very cool. Need to talk to my parents to see if they want to shell out for the Insurance.

Starcraft addiction is tugging at me. Fortunately, I can resist enough to not go home between classes to play. I also seem to have been able to resist buying out my entire wish list on I'm kinda wondering if anyone's going to get me anything. Prolly not.

Career Fair tomorrow. Updated my resume with my MQP. I really ought to give it over to the CDC to work on, but I just...I dunno. My insane self-reliance schtick doesn't want me to get a job with anyone's help. So if you see me tomorrow, ask for a resume and secretly submit it to them.

Narrowly avoided seeing my father today. Don't want to show him my hair just yet.
Finally paying back Sonya's parents. Bet they'll be glad.
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