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Woo! Another session of my Earthdawn game done, and it went a lot better thanks to taking care of players' needs individually and quickly. As always, they've put off the plot points I had planned and forced me to invent new ones.

It recently came to my attention that the reason I remember things completely different from others may in fact be due to hallucinations. Sometimes I will remember an event happening and no one else will, or I will remember it completely differently. Now, a good deal of this may result from different perspectives and poor memory and all that, but last week, I saw a cat walking through my apartment. This cat was not real. Very provably so.

I've always been worried that I've been more than a little fucked in the head, as this is a lot more common among mathematicians. So while I can definately say that some of this can be attributed to hypochondriasm due to A Beatiful Mind, I'd kinda like to know if I see things that aren't there.

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