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Fight the Power!

So, yeah, some jerkoffs were misbehavin' in the Wedge tonight.

It started with casually strolling through, spraying a super soaker casually in our direction. We called Campus Police and complained.

It wasn't until they almost started a nasty electrical fire that we got pissed.

A quick warning from a random person walking down the hall alerted us to two figures in black wearing masks, one with the aforementioned supersoaker, the other with a bucket of water.

When the squirtgun opened up on Lee, he charged them, getting a bucket of water tossed at him. The water hit a Wedgepillar. Two sides of the Wedgepillar had electrical outlets. The other had a Network Drop. Through some miracle of Fire Protection Engineering, the side they hit was the one without the live current. Lee chased them down but unfortunately they got away. Abe then chased them over to Stoddard.

This has gotten me surprisingly riled up. I mean, what the hell? Why *bother* annoying large groups of people? What were they thinking, if anything? The fact that Kate, a petite woman, chased after them after their first escapade should have hinted that we do not appreciate being messed with.

After this segment of the affair, a loud argument between Will and Some Guy ensued over whether complaining en masse to Campus Police would do anything, and Some Guy suggested that getting them to spend more time in the Wedge might actually endanger people by sending officers away from their precious donuts. WTF? The moment telling an authority figure becomes not worth the five minutes of your time, you have given up your right to all the protection they may give you. You are a slave and a sheep of the worst colour.

America. Love it or leave it. Stand up for your rights or go somewhere where I don't have to defend them for you.

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