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Party seems to have been a success.
Unfortunately, a number of my friends from home didn't show and fucknobody from Glee Club was there.
Oh well. More for me.

Put another coat of dye on my head. Hair looks a lot redder now, though it prolly won't last long.

Sean Cooper got the night off to a rockin' start with discussions of Politics AND Religion. Woo!

After that, I went to the liqour store.

Around 1, I had stopped at Campus Police to report the incident from Friday night. The cop thought I was a Freshman (she also didn't notice that I had just had a birthday). When I bought at the liqour store, I didn't get carded. Apparently, orange hair makes me look young, but red hair makes me look old.

Not too long after was cake. Alison and Rachel and the Eager One made me a piss-yellow castle cake with MageKnight figures to represent my Earthdawn party.

And then after cake was presents. Here be the swag:
reIssue Ultra Magnus
$21 from my sister
$150 from my grandfather
a bumblebee keychain
The Art of Ranma 1/2
Japanese reIssue Prowl from Dennis
Fight Club DVD from Alex
a Transformers Armada Calendar from Justin
a Bottle of Captain Morgan's Rum
D&D Clue & cake from Alison, Rachel, Eager Mike, Seth, and Daren
Jumanji from Roscoe
Tequila (with lime) from Dave

Eventually, my friends from home wanted to play some video games, so I said OK, and the party broke into 3 groups: Video Games, Lilo & Stitch, and Sittin' in the Kitchen. Nothing lasts forever, and the place emptied around four, except for my brother and Android who ended up talking about TMA for five hours.

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