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Role Playing

I am a gamer.
I admit this freely for I am not afraid of myself.

Tonight was one of the best roleplaying sessions I've ever been to. We have been stuck in an underground city of Undead, and have been required to complete several tasks to free them of their Undead Natures. The next-to-last (fifth or sixth or even seventh depending on when you start counting) was merely to have a discussion.

Of course, we were not told this. We were told that the Undead were having a War between Good and Evil and that we were to resolve it. This was all an excuse to get us to discuss the matter.

Consensus shifted over what felt like hours as we discussed the nature of good and evil, their existence, their coexistence, and whether or not the Undead truly upheld their ideals, or whether this was just an illusion to force us to look outside the box.

It was.

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