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The Friday Report

Friday Night was the best role playing experience I've ever had (as a player). It was the Werewolf T:A LARP that Daren and Amanda convinced Conor and I to join. We anticipated being late due to Mike's birthday, but apparently it's not that far or I drove like a motherfucker (and we didn't even leave Dinner early). Got there more or less on time, and the game didn't actually start until like 10. After our initial wand'ring up to the main Fire Pit, we didn't step more than 15 feet away from it for the entire duration of Friday Night. We sat around a campfire and *talked*, and when someone said "Hey, it's 2 AM," I was genuinely surprised. It was fantastic. Four hours with virtually no OOC chatter sitting around a fire. Role playing. I rank it as high as The Morning After, though it is obviously good for entirely different reasons.
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